Raid on Area 12 - Closed Beta Trailer


We want to emphasize, with the soon Closed Beta launch, that our efforts in this period will be for the integration of different isolated systems into gameplay. This is to say, that we have a lot that's being worked on individually, but not all of it will be properly utilized right away in gameplay. This is a tougher process than it may sound like.

With the involvement of the community during the Closed Beta, we believe that it can give us a better understanding of what you want to experience, the best way we can communicate features to you naturally, and to overall make this as enjoyable as possible for everyone. So yes, expect things to be fairly rough overall in the Closed Beta. It will be far from perfect, but it will be giving us loads of data to work with and will allow us to involve a few thousand people in our development process.

Keep your expectations in line, this is all part of development. If you want a polished + stable experience, you may want to hold off from playing until later stages of Early Access. ❤️