Affray Development Archive Vol. 3


We’d like to begin this archive by again thanking you for your patience with the game development process. A lot of work has gone into the project over the past month and we’re happy to share some of it with you.

General Development


Heaps of work have gone on in the audio department in the past month. We now have the firing and handling noises for 7 weapons fully mastered and implemented in FMOD, as well as the majority of the soundscapes set up in-engine. 

Significant continuing work has also gone into the soundtrack of the game, which continues to expand and improve day by day.

In addition to this, many smaller sounds for various props have been developed, such as doors, switches, etc.

Art and Design

The second major map rework has gone underway, and the new layout is much more immersive than previous iterations. 

We’ve been refining the layout in design for a couple of months and it’s super satisfying to finally see it in-engine. Some core features of this redesign include better use of space, verticality, and an enhanced sense of flow between the various areas and rooms.

In preparation for the demo, we’ve overhauled the Infamous Area to be part of the introduction to the facility. It starts off as a sewer-like access area, leading into the treatment and a back-access to the facility…

In addition to this, work on the essential props and architecture has continued. Some of this work includes final assets for the Backup Generator room door and shutter doors, the security checkpoint, and vents for the generator room.

The UI has seen continued updates, and we’re really happy with how it’s starting to sink into its style. These updates include changes to the weapon, player and hotbar UI, as well as some changes to the main menu and pause menu. Pretty much everything basically.


On the weapon side of things, work-in-progress textures have been developed for the UMP-45 and M24A3, as well as a model and textures for a new weapon…

Programming and Gameplay

A new weapon has been added to the arsenal! The Mock-18 is a capable sidearm featuring 18-round magazines and full-auto capability (we’ll see how this balances).

Significant work has gone into the first pass of Area-12’s objectives, as well as into the core systems behind the objectives to give the most flexibility for our designers. Work has gone into interactive keypads with random codes that update the environment accordingly, as well as to objectives that unlock doors, restore power to whole areas, etc.

Additionally, more work has gone into the server infrastructure, with better config support and more variables to tweak, better steam integration and overall better stability and networking performance.

More work has been spent on the back-end systems driving the senses of the horde system, and while they’re not quite ready for integration yet, they’re starting to shape up.

Meanwhile, the programmer gremlins have also been hard at work in their basements squashing all sorts of bugs faster than we’ve ever seen before.

Future Development Plans/Conclusion

    • New footsteps and impact sounds
    • Shotgun
    • Hordes
    • Soundtrack