SCP: Pandemic will contain many threats throughout the game. The primary focus on the gameplay and story is most evidently horde-based threats — notably facility staff infected with SCP-008 and the artificially-created Psi-Z creatures.

SCP-173-B has maneuverable arms and legs.

Though, these will not be the sole threats inside of SCP: Pandemic. The game will also feature SCP-173-B, our own-made rendition of SCP-173 made back in 2018 by Ivo "BathroomTile" Francisco.

SCP-173-B has maneuverable arms and legs.



There will also be a focus on enemies within their own special regions of the levels, but you will have to wait for more information regarding that.

We also intend on sharing our concepts of Psi-Z soon.


 This is just what we're able to share right now. Stay tuned!